The following headers are supported in version 1.1 of the message specification. Headers may be added or removed over time. Backwards compatibility is achievable through the omfversion header.

Name Value
producertoken A unique token used to identify and authorize a given OMF producer. Consult the OSIsoft Cloud Services or PI Connector Relay documentation for further information.
messagetype Describes the type of message contained in the message body. One of: type, container, or data. See Message Types.
messageformat Describes the data serialization format employed in the message body. Currently limited to json.
omfversion Specifies the version of the OSIsoft Message Format used in the message. The version for the current specification is 1.1.
action Optional: One of: create, update, or delete. Describes the action to be performed using the data in the message body. If omitted, create is assumed.
compression Optional: The compression algorithm used to compress the message body. Currently limited to gzip. If not specified, the message body is assumed to be uncompressed.